September 23, 2011

not dead

um so yea... where the fuck did the last six months go? short answer: grad school, a side project and general laziness. long answer: holy shit WHERE DID SIX MONTHS GO?!

finished last semester fairly well. classes started back up at the end of august, and i've gotten my shit mostly together. i helped a friend start a business, which is on course *fingers crossed* to start work with our first clients. i spent most of the summer doing fuckall. it was fabulous. the only thing that could've been better was seeing more of my honey. i spent a lot of weekends catching up and hanging out so we couldn't always sync up. fortunately, we got a few long weekends thanks to holidays :)

things have been happening, and i plan to start sharing again. i just need to remember y'all are here ;) thanks for sticking around (and hello, new followers!). i won't make any promises, but i'll try to get back on the bloggy wagon

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