February 15, 2010

getting into trouble

i couldn’t sleep one night so i went on a walk around campus. i wound up at **** room, naturally he’d be up at 3am for no reason… and my trip was not entirely random. i couldn’t sleep because i was restless and **** owed me. while watching some dumb show, i convinced him to give me a back massage. there was some inappropriate questioning and the back massage led to him naked

after finishing with him, i couldnt resist teasing him a bit. people get somewhat ticklish after climaxing which amuses me to no end. so i kept running my fingers over his naked bits to watch him squirm. this somehow led to making out and me sans shirt

the only reason we didnt go any further was cause of my stupid brain. if id been thinking with anything else, id have fulfilled my purpose in coming over. instead… he asked if he should get a condom. rather than answer i continued doing what i was doing. my body said yes; my brain said maybe. he asked a couple more times. my body screamed yes; my lips said no. stupid boy asking questions. stupid brain answering

i still wish my brain’d been on board. i know he was not the most ideal partner for a few reasons but still. wouldve been fun :)

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