February 25, 2010

secret sexy

i find random things about my man sexy. hot guys are great, but it takes a little bit more than that to sustain me...

i love when he says my name. on the phone? eating dinner? in the middle of fucking? doesn't matter. my heart will skip a beat and my insides will turn to mush when he utters those two syllables. he knows he has me before he even finishes, and i will want him intensely immediately after. insta-orgasm when he half moans into my ear while we're already entwined. petnames are cute, but my name has power

i love when he cooks. he doesn't even have to be a good cook or create an elaborate meal. spaghetti with plain sauce? sure. i just love watching him standing over the stove, making sure everything is just right. it doesn't hurt that kitchen sex is my favorite. sometimes i want to tell him not to set the table because i want him to bend me over it while the water boils

from inmagine

i love when he's being sweet for the sake of being sweet. he patiently listens to my disjointed rambles when i'm needlessly freaking out about us. he rubs my feet under the blankets when im starting to get a little cold. he laughs with me when i get the post-orgasmic full body giggles, and cuddles me when i'm done. he holds my hand with absolutely no prompting or sneaky hand placement when we drive. he says genuinely sweet things to and about me for no other reason than he believes they're true

i'm lucky to have found a man who fits me so well without even trying. i'm looking forward to this weekend, and potentially expanding my sexy list

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