March 6, 2010

VS lingerie

this adorable little number made a debut in the bedroom last week

VS bowtie babydoll

and it was a hit with the boyfriend. my personal opinion is also favorable :)

i've never been big on lingerie, but i couldn't resist buying this last year. unfortunately, it didn't fit at the time. the largest size available was a 36C, which i am not. a year and 35 pounds less, it fits around my torso. however, it is still a cup size too small so i was spilling over. boyfriend, of course, was perfectly fine with that

- sized by cup rather than generic SML
- open at the back; comfortable under bust
- comes with matching mesh/cotton panty
- wide, adjustable straps
- cute, not slutty

- largest size 36C
- pink on pink is a bit much
- bow detail looked like it'd been flat packed for too long

overall, i would rate it a 4 out of 5. as my first official lingerie attempt, it was great, not amazing. i do love victoria's secret, but i wish that their sizing was a bit more expansive. you know they can afford the extra fabric to hook up the bustier ladies :p

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