March 10, 2010

sweet dreams

sometimes i have these dreams... not really what i would classify as sex dreams but dreams with sex... the dreams always have the same faceless, generic person and similar scenarios

i am trying to accomplish something (menial things like making coffee), and suddenly he's there and i cant get at him fast enough. part of my brain is focused on the task. part of my brain is focused on fucking him. but there's never any actual sex. it's all foreplay and dry humping. i somehow have 5 hands; im tearing at his clothes and pouring water into the coffee pot all at once. never losing my balance (because im not quite standing) or missing a shirtbutton or anything.

he completely envelopes me and i smell taste breathe nothing but him. i want to mesh our bodies together so his ribs hold my lungs and my heart sends blood to the essential areas of his body. he's not just inside me; he is me... i dont know if i can completely describe what happens or how it makes me feel but i miss it.

i dont wake up feeling frustrated or satisfied by the dream. i just have this lingering feeling of closeness... of passion and intimacy

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