March 13, 2010

down the rabbit hole

halloween 2008 was a night of firsts. first time i dressed up for halloween in public since i was a little trick or treater. first time i'd been to baltimore for halloween. and the first time i'd brought a guy home with me...

i went out with J intending to only have a couple drinks then go home. too many beers and not enough food later, i decided to tag along when G swung by to pick her up. he brought his friend K out. we dropped off G's car at J's house then took a cab to fells point. spent a little time there before migrating to fed hill. going to fed hill there was inappropriate touching in the back of a cab. i ran into noble's to pee and lost J. on my way to look for her, i ran into K

"do you want to get out of here? go back to your place?"

$50 cab ride (with quite a show for the driver) later, we stumbled into my apartment. he was a bit drunk so we fell asleep for a bit. woke up, took care of business and he left.

highs - hot guy in my bed, he didnt stay the night (no morning awkwardness), confirmed that ive still got skills
lows - he came on my favorite sheets, below average for me (although not the smallest), all about the booty

part of me wishes i had fucked him but he was too drunk for it to be any good. overall, im cool with what did happen. i really needed some trouble after those last few months of nothing

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