April 5, 2010

sushi date

i met this guy online a couple weeks after a break up. i was looking for sex; he was looking for... who the hell knows... and maybe sex. after a few email exchanges, i invited him over for sushi. inviting men over is not normally my thing, but it worked out better for both of us timewise. we ate and talked in the kitchen. then we moved to the living room and talked some more.

he eventually offered me a back massage. i had been commenting earlier in the day that i was achey. everyone knows this is the universal male signal for "i'm going to try to get in your pants". i knew that going in, which is why i mentioned my back in the first place. this girl knows how the game is played. after an inner debate (he's cute. i'd fuck him. i'm just desparate. he's nice. we kinda click. eh just fuck him), i agreed to the massage. so we moved it upstairs

the massage was actually great, not the standard two minute rub followed by a trip south of the border. he was amused that i kept my bra on. i may love the horizontal mambo, but i'm still self conscious. somehow he convinced me to go topless... which led to making out... which led to that south of the border action

he was a bit overeager and rough while rubbing my clit. not entirely bad, but i was sore a few minutes later. i gave him head, and got a strange compliment. "i've never been with someone who didn't need at least one hand." yea, bitch. i am that awesome. after that, i was aching to fuck him, but he was super hesitant. i rolled on top of him a) for further coercion and b) to reach the condoms. he didn't realize what i was doing and minorly freaked out. so much for being sexy. i pulled out a condom, which calmed him but solidified his desire not to fuck me that night

we called it quits, got dressed and went back downstairs. the timing couldn't have ben better cause my roommate got home a few minutes later. T and i talked later in the week, but we never got together again. i was a little upset at first, but i got over it. my clit appreciates my decision to let him go


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