April 28, 2010

slumber party

a couple weeks ago, i attended a slumber party. not a "pillow fight, let's braid hair and talk about crushes until 4am" slumber party. a "sex toy, tingling lube and share handjob tips" slumber party

NB is a new consultant so she roped her roommate into hosting a party at their place. it was a very small group, which made things more interesting. i've been to a few parties in the past (hosted one), and there's usually far too many people to pass much around. so you don't get to touch, taste or smell as many products. on this occasion, we got to experience lots of everything. i still managed to avoid being the sole guinea pig to put something minty on my nipples or clitoris, while everyone else applies to the arm. but i did have to hold the cock between my legs while everyone threw rings at it like horseshoes. embarassing and hilarious... unfortunately, i'd just gotten a tattoo the day before so my funds were a bit low. i ended up getting toy cleaner, a book, sanitary wipes and lube*... and i booked a party :) not that i expect a ton of my friends to show up and buy stuff, but i think it'd be fun for everyone. who doesn't love giggling over blue dildos that stick to the wall? i might scope out the website a bit beforehand to decide on what i want. i already know i'm getting $10, which is a tiny bonus :)

if you've never been to a toy party before, you definitely should. they're always a hoot. grab some wine, some friends and remember to always test the merchandise

*anal-eaze. i'll let you put that together on your own

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