May 14, 2010

backdoor bugaloo

let's not sugar coat the events; this is exactly what you think it is. the last cherry i had has been popped...

J came down last weekend for his last dentist appointment (boy really doesn't take care of his teeth) and to be lazy for a weekend with me. we went out friday to watch the games. he wanted to watch the celtics game, and conveniently the bruins were playing. saturday was avatar: last airbender and thai for dinner. sunday was brunch for mother's day. in between all the eating and lounging, there was the sexing. some days i just can't get enough of him ;) and this weekend, we made an attempt to cross that line

we'd tried before, but didn't get far. he wanted me on top, but i just couldn't manuever. i don't think i was mentally ready; plus i hate aiming. i feel like i'm masturbating with a real cock, and that's just weird. normally, his aim is amazing. he can slide in handsfree, which makes everything even more stimulating. but he was asking me to aim. eep and a half. needless to say, attempt one was a fail

this time around, equipped with a little anal-eaze, we made our second attempt. similar results as the first. i simply can't be on top right now. again we just went vaginal and moved on. i was determined though to accomplish the mission. so i whipped out one of my new books, flipped to the chapter on anal and started reading. i approach just about everything intellectually so reading basic instructions and suggestions was helpful. didn't take much convincing to get him back in the mood a little while later so we made our 3rd trip, this time with him on top...

SUCCESS... of sorts. he only breached with the head, but it was enough. unfortunately, because of our somewhat awkward positioning, he didn't finish inside me. but still, it was there and i was fine. since it was "just the tip", there wasn't any tearing or discomfort for me. it's enough to keep me wanting to go a little bit further. we'll slowly get all the way there, and see what happens. i'm still nervous (especially about topping. that definitely waits until we can get ourselves together lol), but i'm starting to enjoy the thrill more

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