May 26, 2010

risky business

sometimes i'm a bit of a hypocrite. i tell everyone i know (in person and on the interwebs) to always use a condom. it's not a 100% guarantee, but it's a hell of a lot better than putting yourself 100% in danger. i always try to keep condoms on hand for when the mood strikes. in my opinion, it's everyone's responsibility to be safe

however, last weekend, we took a risk... J and i went to a concert on saturday. great show; late ass night. by the time we got back, he was an achy grumbly mess. so i suggested he soak in the tub. we got a little distracted, and i overfilled it. oops. no worries though. i cleaned up the spilled water with towels, while he got in. in my tipsy state, i decided to get in with him. romantic, right? sure. if you're in a tub designed for two :p needless to say, i didn't stay at my end for long. we started fooling around, and briefly stopped at that moment

"are you sure?"

so i sat back a little, and he pushed up... twice. the water made everything far too slippery so we hopped out of the tub. he picked me up onto the counter, but i was too high... so we ended up having sex on the bathroom floor, on top of wet towels. he pulled out and came on my stomach. it was quick, dirty and oh so good

i cleaned myself off with tissues, carefully avoiding wiping anything down/in to minimize the efforts of his little swimmers

"this is where i start hating myself. i hate doing it without a condom"

too late, babe. this was the first time we've ever done it without one. this is the first time we've ever done it without one while i'm off the pill. lucky for us, my period started. i started having abdominal discomfort late on sunday, and i had cramps on monday. the cramps seemed to be less centralized so i had a minor freak out that it was a fertilized egg trying to bury itself in my fallopian tube. turns out, it was just my period. hooray?

it's not that i don't want to have children with him; it's just far too early in our relationship. hello, it's only been five months since we first started talking. i'm not making any life changing decisions quite yet. so even though i packed condoms, they didn't make it out of the bag. and i won again at baby roulette. i may not be so lucky next time so we're gonna try to not have a next time without our little latex friends

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