June 28, 2010

of strippers and teenagers

he wants me to strip for him

i wouldn't really object except i think it's not in my bag of tricks. sure i can dance. sure i can take my clothes off. not quite sure i can do both at the same time. so i imagine it'll be a little jamie lee curtis in true lies awkward. why? i don't think i'm sexy enough to strip. he would object (he play snapped at me cause i said my labia was fat), but i still hold to my belief. it takes a certain amount of skill to strip, and i was not gifted with that talent. i'd rather just take him to a strip club, and bone him after. that's the extent of my interest

and speaking of boning... i cannot wait to get my hands around him this weekend. every few months i'm like a 16 year old boy. i'm constantly horny, and he's 2 hours away. it doesn't help that he says the best dirty things. do you ever get so horny that just the weight of your own clothes could potentially cause you to orgasm? just adjusting the way i'm sitting sends little jolts through my body. most of the time, i can push it all back and go about my business. but there are those quiet moments that require all of my self restraint to avoid spending the rest of the day in bed with my little butterfly. i'm holding back at this point because i know how good this weekend is going to be. plus the first orgasm after a lull can be so intense. all i can say is it's excellent that his roommate will be gone (for her sake, not mine ;))

happy 4th, lovers

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