October 25, 2010

new tricks

"there are 29 positions. how many do you think we could get through in a week?" J

the other day, women's health mag tweeted a link to an article on "new" sex positions. naturally, i shared it with J, and we both clicked through to find all the ones we'd actually done. i didn't total up our count (for once), but i did have comments. some of the list amused me (seashell: the average person is not that flexible); some annoyed me (tap dance: i really dislike this). overall, the list was mostly things i'd aleady seen elsewhere or actually done. i'm not really a fan of these guides because they're geared towards couples who are evenly matched in height and weight. well, i'm a short girl dating a big guy. there will be no standing, churning or wheelbarrowing if i'm involved

so i'm throwing this out to the gallery. what's your favorite position? do you make any modifications for you and/or your partner?

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