October 23, 2010

review: hypnotic

so, last week, i took a new toy for a spin

one word: AMAZING. best orgasm i've ever had with a toy i shit you not

when i saw it in the catalog, i was definitely intimidated. in my head, spiky bits equal hurty. luckily, NB had one in her mary poppins toy box. still a little scary in person, but my curiosity was definitely piqued. it helps that there was a little tiny nib for anal stimulation. figured it'd be worth trying since i'm still testing the anal waters. four months later, i actually put the hypnotic to use... what? i don't actually masturbate that often. i have a wishy-washy libido :p however, there's been entirely too much sexy banter lately between J and i to not take care of business

started off with my little bullet with it's fresh batteries. because i was originally only going for a quickie. those little vibrations on my clit are so delicious, but i really needed penetration. nothing gets me all the way home faster. so why not try a new toy when i was already prepped? less disappointment if it didn't work out so well :) so i pulled out the hypnotic and turned it on...

except nothing happened. then i remembered, there were no batteries in it. you aren't supposed to leave the batteries in when not in use. it can drain the batteries and potentially damage the toy. plus you never know when the ghosts in your house will start randomly fiddling with your vibrators. i'm a smart lady though, keeping my batteries in the toy drawer. so i popped four in (yep, four) and hit on again. i looove the gentle buzz from a toy. it's sorta calming... i went to insert, but found it a little difficult. i had a brief moment of panic that it wouldn't fit even though i've never had a sizing issue. nope, i just wasn't thinking clearly on account of my impending orgasms. turn off, insert slowly, turn back on... faaaantastic. this handy little toy has separate settings for vibration and rotation (6 each). i decide to try out the rotation since i've never had that option before




rotation is the greatest idea ever dreamed up. the hypnotic hit all my spots, and i had the greatest solo orgasms of my life. i've always loved my little butterfly, but it's been ousted as mayor of my vagina... the only negative is the anal nib. didn't really do much for me. again, i need penetration. another thing to note, the hypnotic is waterproof. this run was on dry land. not sure i'm ready to attempt another underwater excursion quite yet, but we'll see. come to think of it, i still haven't bothered with the diva since it's first outing. maybe next month...

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