October 15, 2010

i'm naked

so i had my waxing last night, and L took more than i expected. i'm completely bare... well there are some stragglers, but if you looked you couldn't tell. i feel like carrie bradshaw after she got her brazilian. i wish i could find a clip because it's quite amusing. but moving on...

i have been getting waxed regularly since january. over the years, i've grown to hate DIYing; i only have a razor for trimming. it took me awhile to find a place and a waxer i liked so before i was only going if i had something upcoming. luckily, i found a fantastic waxer at a local spa right before my first weekend with J. she was quick, efficient and chatty in a non-creepy way. unfortunately, B left the spa a couple months later. i had one bad wax with J who normally does facials, and hesitantly booked an appointment with L after that. thank god for L. she was just like B and saved me a desperate search for a new spa/waxer. been seeing her for the last few months with great results. however, after last night, i'm concerned that she's a little too free with the wax. i participated in the Komen 3Day for the Cure last weekend so we were chatting about it. she's done that event and others in the past (one every year from 03 to 08). sharing stories with her was great... but she distracted me. before i knew it, she was done

i got home and definitely felt different. changed into my pjs, ate dinner and hopped online for a bit. as he was getting off work, i texted J "it feels like i'm not wearing panties cause i'm so smooth. L really went to town today heh" that quickly jumped into some sexy banter. i do love teasing him when he can't do shit about it. i'm evil; i know. a couple hours later i decided to check out her work. that's when i realized she'd taken it all. i knew she was close, but thought nothing of it. it was a sad sight "already missing my landing strip :( hate the look of a naked vagina"

i feel so incredibly awkward. for the first time ever, i can't wait til my next coat comes in. this morning i plucked a few strays, dabbed on some alcohol and neosporined the whole area. i know J isn't really concerned, but i think it looks so ugly at the moment. i would go into detail, but it's just so... gross... who really likes a naked pussy?

J comes down in two weeks. i may need a vag toupe...

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