October 1, 2010

anal update

i've been so bad about updating the bedroom. things have been a bit hectic unfortunately. i did manage to squeeze in two back to back visits to J's at the beginning of july. the second trip had some rather interesting results...

remember how we were having some difficulty with anal, but finally got it figured out? well we did it again. all the planets aligned again for us. it was crazy and amazing all at the same time. i really don't know how deep he was; i wasn't quite processing data :P i do know that he managed to slide in pretty easily, not hurt me and finish. clean up was a bit interesting. thank god i remembered my pleasure wipes (seriously love slumber parties). they made it a bit easier, but i still kept thinking "there's jizz in my ass! what do i do about that?!" because yea, no condom. i'm thinking that's never going to happen again because i don't like the idea of sperm in my colon

the cool thing: no discomfort later. i kept expecting there to be some pain after the anal-eaze wore off, but there was nothing. perhaps he got the right amount of anal-eaze and lube in and around the area to compensate. or maybe i was more open than the last time. whatever it was, it was awesome and i hope there's a repeat in the future

the uncool thing: gas. i was tremendously bloated and gassy for a few days afterwards. it happened the first time, too. granted, both times occurred about a week before my period was starting so it could be related to that. unfortunately, i only know one other person having anal, and he doesn't have that problem. will have to test my "it's just my period" theory at some point

perhaps when J comes down for his birthday in a few weeks...


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