November 1, 2010

miles apart

last night, i curled up by myself for the first time in days. J left towards the end of the football game so he could have a few hours at home to do whatever. i miss him and already moping around. i have no one to cuddle with on the couch. to steal kisses from. to wake up in the morning with the promise of breakfast or blow jobs... we had a good week/weekend costume shopping, lunching with my mom and hanging out with more of my favorite people. i just wish it didn't have to end; it always feels abrupt. the distance sucks most when it's time to say good bye

first thought after he left "when's my next free weekend?" second thought "we haven't had sex since friday". party prep kept me busy all of saturday, and some guests stayed over that night. so all sexual activity was put on hold until they left. CZ left last, around noon. well J, as soon as he was done breakfast, turned on the pregame show. his choice :p the NFL trumps a lot in my life. so once the game started, everything else was put on the back burner. make outs are reserved for commercial and injury breaks only. my boys were on a bye, but my next fave team was struggling. if the game hadn't been a nailbiter, i probably would've taken J to bed at halftime. then he left at the 2min warning in the fourth. my guys lost, and my boy left. so much sad in my afternoon

not that no sex is necessarily sad. it was just an interesting observation. when i go up to see him, i usually leave two hours later than intended because we get caught up in something and then have sex. one time i ended up staying an extra night because i was too exhausted and it was already 1am. having to drive to work from another state was not fun. i don't think we ever have last minute goodbye sex when J comes down to my place... regardless, i'm going to spend the next few nights happily breathing in his scent before drifting to sleep. i'm also going to keep in mind all the sex we managed to have in the first half of J's visit (not a ton, but enough)

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