November 3, 2010


we all know i like dressing up for my man. so when i had to last minute get a new birthday gift for him, of course i turned to vickie's. i was in the market for new panties anyway, might as well tack on a couple extra items. i don't have that angel card for nothing ;) so i popped over to the mall to peruse the walls. since i didn't want to move in for the night, i only picked out a handful of bras, picking two different sizes to try. wasn't 100% sure my boobs were the same size after my weightloss. i also was at the peak bustiness in the month, which typically means DDs. i'm now sitting comfortably at a D; i have mixed feelings about that. i may also have dropped in bandsize; no mixed feelings there

i bought one cute everyday bra and one specific "won't wear it until J comes down" bra. not that it matters, i could wear both everyday. but i wanted it to be kinda special (already wore the other babydoll, which fit perfectly). i also picked up new matching panties: two hiphuggers and a vstring. it has seriously been years since i've worn a thong/vstring. however, i figured it'd be a nice touch since he loves my ass so much. plus i might need one for my new dress, and i'm kinda over the ones i have now... not sure if J truly appreciated it, but i felt pretty damn hot. although, wearing a vstring all day is really not comfortable. only women and drag queens understand these things :p

a note: people, be wary when buying your partner sexy underwear. after a certain point it becomes a gift for you, not your partner. then it's only a step above a dick in a box, and it's tacky. there's a difference between wanting your partner to feel sexy and wanting someone to prance around in a french maid outfit for your enjoyment :p make sure you get a good idea of what your partner wears/likes and make sure you know the right sizing. a medium at victoria's secret isn't exactly the same as a medium at kohl's. i know giving gift cards can suck, but perhaps it's a better alternative to getting that waist cincher from frederick's of hollywood

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