November 16, 2010


i've reached that moment when i've run out of interesting things to say. no action in my bed for the last two weeks, and it's going to be another week and half. the bestie and i went to pgh the first weekend of the month. it was part of my birthday gift to him. we stayed at the hilton garden inn because we're fancy cheap bitches. i love the big hotel beds with the extra pillows and cushy padding. one of these days i'm going to graduate to a queen sized bed. i adore having all that space. granted, when i have the space, i always wish i had someone to fill it. snuggling with pup isn't really the same (yes, i am 26 and sleep with a stuffed dog). the last week and weekend have been full of nothing. i should've been doing grad school stuff or finally finishing my photo album or any number of other things. instead i napped and watched say yes to the dress on netflix. i know; you're jealous of my awesome life... this week is a little more action packed. last night, N and i went to see kate nash. i love her adorable face. thursday, another friend of ours is hosting a post birthday happy hour for him. friday, i get waxed (oh yea, that's an event) even though i'm still filling in the bald spots. do they make rogaine for vaginas? also harry potter is opening on friday :D i can't wait to see it in IMAX. then it'll be less than a week til i see my boy. apparently, he's already planning to take me out for a fancy pants dinner. i'm excited... *shrug* so that's what's up with me. what's up with you?

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