February 25, 2011

crazy blind date

i was reminded of my only blind date while listening to the radio the other day. a guy called in to win a contest and sparked a conversation about dating. they met online, and he believes he was misled. so he asked their server to split the check. the radio host thought the guy should've paid, but was still jealous that he didn't. the conversation went on and on, with new callers and amongst the hosts. thinking back on my date, i couldn't help but smile. it was a ridiculous date, but at least i got some yummy tots

we met on crazy blind date, which is run by the okcupid peeps. i think cbd is hilarious; might as well call it what it is. i got a response, and figured it was worth a couple drinks. i brought my A game: skinny jeans, boots and new top with a hint of cleavage. we met in the city (cbd is location specific) at a bar he chose. walking up to the bar, there was a group of guys near the entrance and a lone guy. i just knew the lone guy was my guy, but i ignored him anyway. he was reading a book, and didn't seem to be paying attention. i knew then it was going to be a one time thing. who brings a book on a date?

he was tall with dark hair and glasses. loose fitting jeans, non descript shirt and ugly jacket (yea, i judge). he called out to me as i was texting him and walking in. had to continue to pretend i didn't know it was him (yea, i play a few games). sidebar: cbd had a setup that you could contact each other without providing info. send a text to cbd; they'll forward it to your date. good for "hey i'm late" "i just grabbed a table" "gotta cancel" notes pre-date. we had an awkward hello, went in and grabbed a table. he ordered a meal; i only got tater tots. we both had beers

the entire conversation was kinda awkward. he rolled out the mega nerd pretty quickly, but was interested in nerdy things that i couldn't care less about. LAN parties? uh no. i mentioned the book right? sci fi novel. ugh i hate reading sci fi. plus he kept talking about his family. which wouldn't have been terrible except at one point he said "my mom has started asking if i'm gay". LOL i'm pretty sure that's something you shouldn't mention on your first date. especially to someone who's gaydar has been pinging since you shook her hand

we ordered a second round. mostly because i needed another drink to keep chatting with this guy. the place was starting to get busy though, and i was itching to leave. halfway through my second glass, i headed to the bathroom. naturally, i took my phone. i can pee quickly, but you don't know that. texts to the bestie were necessary. totally told him that i'd bring the guy home... for him, not me. he wasn't unattractive, but he definitely wasn't dateable... while i was taking a moment, our server swung back around. so when i got back to the table, he said he'd asked for the check already

"i had her split it. i got the food if you'll get the drinks and tip"

uhhh excuse me?! i had every intention of paying for my drinks and tots. i didn't want this guy thinking this was going somewhere. even if he planned to pay for all of it, i would have offered (insisted?) that i pay for myself. what pissed me off was that he a) requested this when i was away from the table without even asking me first, b) assumed his split was equivalent and c) asked me to cover tip on an unknown amount. he gave me a rounded number, but i didn't actually see his check. i totally counted it as a strike

then to round out the lovely evening, we walked around the circle for a couple minutes before deciding to head to the metro. unfortunately, we were taking the same line for a few stops. ugh more small talk. thanks to the flow of trains and people, we couldn't exchange numbers when he got to his stop. he, however, mentioned that the system allows you to send contact info after a date. whatever, sure, i'll do that when i get home

i spent the rest of the ride texting N. got home and filled out my little post date survey. nope, not compatible. the next day i received an email about exchanging info. after much deliberation, i said sure. he was still a nice guy. however, i never heard anything back. bitch shafted me! i still wonder if he picked up on my no way jose vibes or if he wasn't interested in me. i prefer to think the former ;)

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