March 5, 2011

kiss me

i love love love kissing. making out can be better than sex sometimes. no lie. i generally judge the attractiveness of men by whether or not i'd make out with any given one. my darling boy? yea, i'd keep my lips smooshed on his nonstop if i could. kisses mean something more than sex and can convey a lot more too me

hesitation. aggression. determination. despiration. experience

a kiss should make you weak in the knees. it should make your thoughts a little cloudy. it should be comfortable, natural and all over swoony

the first kiss is always special; for me, it's now vital to everything else. my first boyfriend was hesitant. i know i should've just kissed him, but i was hesitant, too. he was my first first. in the parking lot of a pep boys, which still makes me giggle. kissing him was so addictive he once made a joke about magnets in our lips... my second boyfriend wasn't much different. but i was far less hesitant going in for the kill with him. on two separate occassions, my college roommate walked in on us making out... random hookup #1 and boyfriend #3 were both aggressive and sloppy. they have a few things in common, but the biggest difference was underlying meaning. one lacked experience; one was desperate. in both cases, i brushed it off and neither situation ended very well. lesson learned... my other random hookups didn't send up any red flags. granted, in one situation i was inconsistent in my desire, one i was too drunk to care and one i was too distracted. and then came J...

the first time he kissed me was so gentle and sweet. it was slow because he was being polite. i melted completely. the second kiss was a bit more determined, and we ended up in bed. every kiss after that has been so lovely. however, nothing will ever compare to the one that swept me off my feet. i started falling in love with him that moment, even though i didn't realize it

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