January 5, 2011

mixing it up

so i spent a long weekend at J's to ring in the new year and celebrate our anniversary. one year of laughter, snuggles and awesome sex. i've resolved that 2011 will be full of more snuggles and more sammiches :)

i made out a to do list beforehand because i had 2.5 days between my family christmas trip and going to J's. i managed to get everything done only slightly behind schedule. 20 minutes after arriving, i realized i'd forgotten to pack a few essentials. at the precise moment my boy is telling me how much he wants to get me in bed, i remember my little bag of condoms is still at my place... two hours away. along with my lubes and wipes. guess i was in a bit of a hurry :p J doesn't really buy condoms; he never thinks about it apparently. so i'm usually the one who carries them. when i told this to N, he said "i believe it's the boy's job to have condoms" "do you carry condoms?" "(insert implied 'oh, honey') i'm a bottom" and there was much laughing. i love my bestie. luckily, there was a condom leftover from the last time i was there. not long after that, i was on my side, squealmoaning. being perpendicular to J was different and fantastic; he seemed to hit all new spots. i came hard and fast

after, we ate and watched a movie, which conveniently ended with just enough time to flip over for the ball drop. yay for kissing in the new year... and more movies. we watched the documentary about maynard james keenan's vineyard. or, really, J watched, and i dozed off. we headed to bed and another round of fun. new thing two: playing with my clit while J fingers me. i got right to my spot, and J thought it was super hot. turning him on turns me on so i gave him head after that. there was even a little tits + cock action. no, he didn't come on my chest... then it was bed time :) saturday, we hit up the BJ's to get stuff for dinner and condoms. unfortunately, they only carry trojan, which i hate. i'm a durex girl all the way. we swung by the grocery store who also didn't carry durex. i begrudgingly grabbed a 12 pack of the trojan lubricated. i had to pee, and didn't really want to waste time going to a third store. however, i'll be damned if i'm gonna buy the $2 more "for her pleasure" condoms. it's all LIES

we putzed and talked to his roomie, S, for a bit before making dinner. total schmoopfest, but making dinner together was my favorite part of the whole weekend. i also made delicious cupcakes while we watched donnie darko. it's the movie that brought us together in the first place. S left so i suggested a shower. of course, J amused himself by getting me off for a few minutes in the living room. then, because his shower wasn't quite big enough, he bent me over the bathroom sink. i seriously love getting nailed from behind. so glad the roomie went out so i could be as loud as i wanted ;) we still took a shower, but it was slightly less interesting just getting clean :p later i ended up passing out while watching tv, and J stayed up until the buttcrack of dawn

sunday, J made yummy french toast for breakfast, and we watched football all day. sundays are my favorite :) there is no fooling around during football; i like to yell at the tv. after the late game, i headed to bed assuming J would be right behind me. nope. he started watching sports center. then he got into a ridiculous conversation with S when he got home. apparently, some drunk chick tried to pick him up for a one night stand. he declined. J finally crawled into bed, but i was in the middle of stuffs. he went back out for a few minutes, and, by the time he was back, i was done. time to get naked again! i think it is so sexy when he undresses me, even if he fumbles with my strings and clasps. there was much making out, stripping and some anal play. it took all my willpower not to hop on his dick sans condom. first i was on top. then he was on top. thanks to the awful trojan condom, J had to stop before cumming. i blew him, and we snuggled. monday, i had planned to give him a wake up fuck, but i overslept. there was not enough time to wake him and get us both off before he had to leave for work. *shrug* i didn't need one last fuck; we'd been having great sex the entire rest of the weekend

in between all the playing around, there was more schmoop and ridiculousness. i got my snuggles and sammiches. i also got my reassurance that i wouldn't end up a leg lamp this year. i wish i could share our conversation, but the crazy comments were coming too fast. rapid fire ridiculousness is what i keep calling it. all i can say is: "i love that after a year together, we can joke about killing each other." me, too, honey. me, too :)

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