January 11, 2011

your mama

J wasn't feeling well over the weekend, which made me want to rush up there to take care of him. maternal instincts on high alert, i grilled him about his symptoms and such, while confirming through webMD. we're both convinced he gave himself a mild case of salmonella. pleasant, right? well in the middle of discussing his unhappy body, he mentions that his cousin is back on the scene. the cousin who volunteered to help him pay to keep his house. the cousin who took it upon himself to make some much needed repairs around the house. the cousin who is now being an asshole about the whole situation. i immediately changed in to mama grizzly (or maybe i should say mama panther since the palins have ruined bears forever)

i try really hard not to dislike people before i meet them. however, some people make it incredibly difficult to do. unfortunately, some of these people are members of my boyfriend';s family. J already said i don't have to like them; he doesn't like them. but i still will have to meet them at some point. the cousin being the first. and we may have a come to jesus moment when it happens. because it involves my boy and it involves money. two things you do not cross me on. i've already started drafting speeches in my head for when this meeting goes down. but i keep reminding myself that J is a big boy, this is his family and, ultimately, he's the one who has to act on anything that happens. that doesn't mean i'll let him go into this alone or unprepared. i want to be there for emotional support. and yes, if necessary, as back up muscle. i will cut a bitch if i have to

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